Monday, May 5, 2014

Google for Business- (Google Map with Google Plus)

I feel that Google is better for the retail/store business than other Social Media.

We are going to make a scenario of average customer.

A customer is looking for a cellphone store near him. First thing, the customer will do is go on GOOGLE MAP . He will type in search "Cellphone store & zip code", and Then Google search will give him cellphone stores that near him. He will pick one of the stores from the list.

Second thing, he will go check on their customers rating review. This is will be on the store's GOOGLE PLUS ABOUT BUSINESS PAGE. The customer will read the other wrote about the business. If he liked what they said, he will go to the Google Plus Post. He will found the business posted a very nice coupon that he can use.

Third thing, the customer will go to the GOOGLE PLUS cover, and he will see the address, phone, and hours. He will click on the address; he will return back to Google Map, and ask for the store directions.

Advice From Author:
1. Make sure your business is one GOOGlE MAP
2. Make sure your business is connected to your GOOGLE PLUS PAGE
3. Make sure your customers say great things about you.
4. Your GOOGLE PLUS BUSINESS PAGE is accurate and has posts that can help you get your customers into your doors.
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