Friday, May 2, 2014

5 Types of Customers Reviews and How to Spot Them

5 Types of Customers Review and How to spot them

1. Family, Friends, Friendly Business Exchanged, and Paid Personal (CMO)
You know family and friends try to make us look good even on the internet. It is helpful to read those customers reviews in away. They sometimes give you idea about business services, and how much the business are charging, and some of them mention coupons or tips. They also mention the products or services that the business owner is proud of or experienced in the most. Sometimes, two business owners will exchange reviews; each one will review the other business. Those reviews are sometimes supervised or written by the business owner.
How To spot them: You will find them more in first customers reviewers in any business. They will say more that place clean, staff are friendly, and they are experienced in what they are doing. If they told a story, it is a typical story that every customer should experience.

2. Social Media Generation Customers
I should not say that because I am in marketing business, but the social media generation focus on documenting the event on social sites than deal with the event. This story happen last week. A long term friend went out of town for week; I managed his business until he returns. Two customers came with the same services an hour apart. Both customers have two different experience with me.
A first customer, a couple in their mid to late 20's. They are calling and texting on phone with their friends and asking their opinions. They go out the store to talk to their friends, and I try to bring them back inside the store to ask them more question, and get their credit card and IDs. It took us about 15min- 20mins (they are standing outside the store more than inside the store). They gave me a review that I am not doing a good job because I took alot of time to finish the services.
A second customer, a woman in her 50's or 60's with her two sons in 30's and 40's. We finish the services in less than 5 minutes. I was joking with them like friends know each other for years. - (Of course, I did not get reviews from them).
How To spot them: They will be more emotion and with acronyms. (They make you feel sorry (or happy) for them more.)

3. Royal Customers
Sometimes, I am working on Google, Facebook, or other social media, I find a store that I like, and I give them good review. If the store has a average review, and I felt they should get a better review. I know there are many who do that, too.
How To spot them: You will know them by the one who doesn't have much to say, they only have acronyms and with 5 or 4 stars rating. Sometimes, they write one sentence with a tip, or they mention their favorite thing there or they will mention how long they go to that place. If they found a person left a negative review, sometimes they will reply to them to defend or give them the updated (if the business fixed the problems).

4. Disappointed Customers & Truthful Customer Review
How To spot them: They are long with detail from the moment they entered the door to the moment they wrote the customer review. They can write more than one paragraph with pictures or proof. They will mention prices. They will rarely mention names (or they will guess; or they will tell you I am not sure); they will describe how the employee looks more. They will recommend to stop going there, or they will tell you tips or ideas to get a better experience. They sometime have more than one story to say, and even they have negative thing to say; sometime will mention a positive thing, too.

5. Enemies of Owner or Employee, Competitors, and Angry EX Employees
How To spot them: More angry tones; they will mention the story in more personal way or tell a story that average customer should not know, and they will mention names. They will demand the others to stop going there, and they will even refer to you to another place. Or they will demand the owner or manager to fire some employee. Most of them get flagged, anyway.

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