Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Three Websateers

Every business needs three social media sites.

Mickey to Walt Disney as your personal website to your business.

Don't forget the most important media site under your control and no one can change without your permission is your own website. As all know that Mickey is can not be replaced; even a powerful Walt Disney corporation with its hundred of characters can not remove or replace Mickey. You can tell the world what you do and services with website that you can not do with other social medias. This month alone, Linkedin changed is business page, and Twitter changed its design.

Donald Duck is best friend of Mickey, the supporting social media.

Every business needs a supporting websites. Every industry and business has a different support websites. Those only are example and ideas. For retail and small local shops, It can be simply Google map and Bing map. For E commerce, the supporting social media website can be Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest. For restaurants, the supporting could be Google Map, Yelp ,and foursquare. Many companies like Foursquare and Ioffer use Twitter as support hotline.

Goofy is the goofy friend Of Mickey. The fun side of social media.

Every business and industry needs and has a fun side. Even a funeral home can have sense humor; but it can be little on dark side. Fun side can make people enjoy working with you or follow you more. Why people have social media website? They want to laugh and entertain themselves after coming from work and school. Everyone think that the reason why people have social media websites is way to connect with their family and friends. This is not the main reason; they want to laugh and have fun.

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